Monday, September 8, 2014

Get Certified in Instructional Design from your Home - Now in eLearning


Here is the latest and enhanced industry relevant Instructional Design Certification course for you. This course is broadly offered in three delivery formats including eLearning.

a. Online Pre-course work (English Grammar Test, English Grammar Lessons)
b. Contact Sessions at 4C (classroom sessions) with activities, discussions, exercises, theory, demonstrations.
c.  Selected eLearning lessons for reinforcement (accessible from anywhere)
d.  Project work submissions and certification test
                                i.      Storyboard
                               ii.      eLearning course
e. Online Instructional Design Certification Test (open book, accessible from anywhere)

This course is offered at 4C in two ways, covering exactly the same content.
1. Two consecutive weekends (Saturday-Sunday-Saturday-Sunday) from 9.30AM to 5.00PM. OR
2.  Five weekdays at a stretch, Monday to Friday from 9.30AM to 4.30PM.

After completing the contact sessions at 4C, most participants take about 4 to 5 weeks to complete their project work and instructional design certification test. Students must complete their project work and take online certification test from their location.

a. Online Pre-course work (English Grammar Test, English Grammar Lessons)
b. Selected eLearning lessons (accessible from anywhere)
c. Self Study using the student guide couriered by 4C
d. Submission of assignments
e. Take online assessments
f.  Project work submissions
                               i.      Storyboard
                              ii.      eLearning course
g. Online Instructional Design Certification Test.
h. Few sessions over telephone or Skype of 30 minutes each for clarification of doubts

It may take you about 6 to 8 hours per week as study time and take about 4 to 6 weeks for most students to complete the course and project work.  

This course can be demanding for some students; it requires consistent discipline to plan your time, prepare, complete activities, assignments, and projects. As pre-requisites, we emphasize the importance of grammar, writing abilities in English, MS Office skills, use of keywords to search topics, basic analytical abilities, general knowledge and attention to detail. Final certification in Instructional Design from 4C is not guaranteed to all those who attend this course; you will be graded on almost all aspects of your course work. However, those who have the prerequisites and are disciplined to put-in consistent hard work always make it comfortably. 

Please write to us for registration to and check out our calendar at


  1. What do the eLearning students get in terms of course material, etc? Can we start the course anytime from any city in the world?

  2. Upon registration, students receive a comprehensive printed student guide, activity cum submission planner and access to online eLearning portal - Chanakya. To start with students take the online English Grammar lessons and a grammar test. Next, students read the lessons from the student guide and go through the corresponding online elearning lesson which are pre-recorded (mutimedia) lessons. Next, they complete the activities in the respective lesson and email it to 4C for feedback. Then they move on to read the the next lesson in the student guide and repeat the process. At the end, students work on a project. They develop a storyboard and convert it into an eLearning lesson using a rapid authoring tool. Finally, they take an online instructional design certification test. All activities, project work and online tests are counted for final certification. Besides these, there are few mentoring sessions through skype. This course is ideal for anyone located anywhere in the world. They can take it anytime.

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