Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harnessing your Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is a part of the online eLearning ecosystem.  It provides many features; only few of them are generally used.  It is necessary though to know the exact feature to use as we plan to design a holistic learning experience.

LMS plays a vital role in administering online programs and allowing freedom for learners to see progress, take tests, access courses, discuss topics in forums, etc. Even when we can design effective classroom learning experiences, there are opportunities to provide good blended learning experiences; leveraging  some features of the LMS, and providing access to online courses and assessments.  Forums can stimulate interesting subject matter discussions and promote learning through peers.  Mentoring is also possible through LMS. 

A standard LMS has several common features; using them appropriately along with the course content is where the creativity lies.  Ideally, it should be the decision of the instructional designer to consider such possibilities for a holistic learning experience that is effective and efficient.  An LMS cannot do much by itself; we need to harness it's capabilities appropriately.

To consider that the LMS by itself is the complete online learning environment or the course content as the complete learning solution will be a mistake.  They need each other.  An LMS can also be smartly used with classroom based learning.

-         VIVEK PADUBIDRI,  Click to know what we do.
     About the author: Vivek is a hands-on instructional designer and heads 4C-Learning Solutions which is now in the thirteenth year of providing interactive design & development solutions in eLearning. Vivek has nearly two decades of experience in managing Design & Delivery functions in the Education industry.


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