Thursday, February 21, 2013

Course Improvements Encourage Foreign Students to attend Instructional Design Workshop at 4C-Learning Solutions

In the past few months, learners of different profiles are attending 4C's instructional design workshops.  This is due to the various course formats 4C has been offering for the last six months. 

From the Assistant Vice President of Learning & Development at Reliance Industries, to young graduates with a flair for writing and interested to make a career as an instructional designer, 4C customizes its training program accordingly. 

4C constantly improves the quality of course content and instructional strategies.  To make the project work industry relevant; it is constantly reviewed.  Also, to ensure better learning effectiveness, 4C's program is now more intense than ever.  Participants cannot neglect submission of assignments and project work or delay taking their tests.  Minimum score of over 70% is mandatory in English Grammar and Instructional Design Certification Test.  Not just that, to obtain 4C's Instructional Design Certification, participants have to submit a completed storyboard and create an eLearning course using multimedia authoring software with voice, synchronized animation, and relevant interactivity. 

To be awarded 4C's Instructional Design Certification, participants must fulfill these stringent requirements.  All these improvements in the course design have significantly improved job offers to the participants seeking instructional design jobs.  

For those who cannot complete the certification requirements in the first go, 4C welcomes such clients to come back for a refresher course at no extra cost and seek help with their project work and other submissions.  

Few foreign students sponsored by their employer (a large overseas eLearning company) flew to Bangalore and attended the Instructional Design Certification program at 4C-Learning Solutions. Such overseas training customers can now obtain a single point solution that includes accommodation from 4C.  For 4C, participants from China, Thailand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria are likely to increase. 

For those who would like to strengthen their English skills; 4C is now integrating a full-fledged English writing course to its current Instructional Design program.

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  1. Is it must to have a degree in English literature to be an Instructional Designer..

    1. Not really.

      English skills are required though. Reading, writing, and speaking in English are the foundation skills needed for an instructional designer. As long as you have this foundation, other degrees are welcome.

  2. Well Done Keep the Good work alive 4 ever!

  3. The courses are good for foreign students it will help them to learn with activities and project which will enhance their practical knowledge. I found your post attractive and informative; it will help the reader a lot. Thank you for sharing this post it is very important for the students looking for instructional designs workshop. create online courses

  4. Good post.Thank you so much for sharing this post.


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