Friday, September 12, 2014

Instructional Design - an important competence in The Association for Talent Development (ATD) competency framework.

Whatever be your role and seniority in the Learning and Development function, competency in Instructional Design is now a necessity. This is indicated in the competency framework for L&D professionals as per The Association for Talent Development (ATD).

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification test is based on the ATD Competency Model. The test assesses the candidates on  Instructional Design and few other L&D competencies.

Check with us on how we can prepare you on Instructional Design.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Graduates, wake up to the exciting and high paying Instructional Design Career

Most graduating students in India are completely unaware of the opportunities in the field of Instructional Design.

This is partly due to the fact that the college and university professors and placement coordinators are unaware of this field. Worldwide and surely throughout India, there are very good job opportunities. Large learning content development companies, Knowledge Process outsourcing (KPOs) companies, educational technology companies, etc continuously hire Instructional Designers.

The demand for Instructional Designers is not just in India. Throughout the world, it is a scarce resource.

Those who can get into this field grow rapidly in their career.  The field is similar to Technical writing. Technical writers create user manuals, help manuals and reference manuals for any engineering or software products. Instructional Designers on the other hand create learning content in various forms - for printed student guide, eLearning, video, audio, multimedia, etc.  Instructional designers do not have a monotonous job like the Technical Writers. They work on different subject matters and develop content using  various media mix and technology. Each project may be a different experience and satisfying in its own way.

You can get more information on the career prospects and our industry recognized Instructional Design Certification course at or by emailing us at

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Career in Instructional Design - Is it for you?

In this article, I will run through several considerations for most of you who may be evaluating Instructional Design as a long term career option.

1. Personality: Most people who love active interaction are not patient enough to sit in one place and do a design type of creative job. If you are a quite worker focused on your job and not so much inclined towards high people-interaction jobs such as Inside Sales, Customer Service, Classroom teaching, Field Sales, etc, you may fit well for this job.   As usual, there may be exceptions. Also, for an Instructional Designer, being organized and disciplined will be really useful. 

2. English Language Skills: Since most Instructional Design jobs require content to be developed in English; good comprehension, grammar and writing skills are mandatory. Good speaking skills are not a substitute for good writing skills. 

3. Undergraduate or Masters Degree:  There is no one degree that can be said as the best foundation program suitable for a career in Instructional Design. Of course, I say this assuming that your country does not have a formal recognized degree program in Instructional Design. So, if you are an Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, Mathematics, English, Commerce, Engineering or Business Management degree holder, you have equal chance of making a decent career in Instructional Design. The pace at which your career will accelerate though will depend on how fast you learn the nuances and demonstrate your competencies. 

4. Analytical Skills: To an extent, it helps to have an analytical bent of mind. 

5. General Exposure/Knowledge:  General reading, awareness of how business organizations function, interest to read unknown subject matter and read it for "real" understanding are some qualities that will help a prospective Instructional Designer.

6. Visualization Skills: Ability to conceive and create a visual to complement verbal explanation. Create illustrations to convey an abstract concept would be useful. Here, I do not mean that, you have to be an artist.

7. Attitude: Ability to work in team, interact with subject matter experts, clients and with complimentary skilled colleagues are important for Instructional Designers.

8. Time and Project Management: Some sense of time management and project management will be an advantage.

9. Basic Information Technology (IT) savvy: Instructional Designers write content in word processing software. Their other tasks need proficiency in spreadsheets and presentation software. One also needs to be excellent in the use of search engines such as Google for searching a particular information using key words.

The above considerations are useful when you try to evaluate your chances of making it big as an Instructional Designer. Of course, training in Instructional Design improves your chances of entering this profession. 

Vivek Padubidri

Monday, September 8, 2014

Get Certified in Instructional Design from your Home - Now in eLearning


Here is the latest and enhanced industry relevant Instructional Design Certification course for you. This course is broadly offered in three delivery formats including eLearning.

a. Online Pre-course work (English Grammar Test, English Grammar Lessons)
b. Contact Sessions at 4C (classroom sessions) with activities, discussions, exercises, theory, demonstrations.
c.  Selected eLearning lessons for reinforcement (accessible from anywhere)
d.  Project work submissions and certification test
                                i.      Storyboard
                               ii.      eLearning course
e. Online Instructional Design Certification Test (open book, accessible from anywhere)

This course is offered at 4C in two ways, covering exactly the same content.
1. Two consecutive weekends (Saturday-Sunday-Saturday-Sunday) from 9.30AM to 5.00PM. OR
2.  Five weekdays at a stretch, Monday to Friday from 9.30AM to 4.30PM.

After completing the contact sessions at 4C, most participants take about 4 to 5 weeks to complete their project work and instructional design certification test. Students must complete their project work and take online certification test from their location.

a. Online Pre-course work (English Grammar Test, English Grammar Lessons)
b. Selected eLearning lessons (accessible from anywhere)
c. Self Study using the student guide couriered by 4C
d. Submission of assignments
e. Take online assessments
f.  Project work submissions
                               i.      Storyboard
                              ii.      eLearning course
g. Online Instructional Design Certification Test.
h. Few sessions over telephone or Skype of 30 minutes each for clarification of doubts

It may take you about 6 to 8 hours per week as study time and take about 4 to 6 weeks for most students to complete the course and project work.  

This course can be demanding for some students; it requires consistent discipline to plan your time, prepare, complete activities, assignments, and projects. As pre-requisites, we emphasize the importance of grammar, writing abilities in English, MS Office skills, use of keywords to search topics, basic analytical abilities, general knowledge and attention to detail. Final certification in Instructional Design from 4C is not guaranteed to all those who attend this course; you will be graded on almost all aspects of your course work. However, those who have the prerequisites and are disciplined to put-in consistent hard work always make it comfortably. 

Please write to us for registration to and check out our calendar at

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Course Improvements Encourage Foreign Students to attend Instructional Design Workshop at 4C-Learning Solutions

In the past few months, learners of different profiles are attending 4C's instructional design workshops.  This is due to the various course formats 4C has been offering for the last six months. 

From the Assistant Vice President of Learning & Development at Reliance Industries, to young graduates with a flair for writing and interested to make a career as an instructional designer, 4C customizes its training program accordingly. 

4C constantly improves the quality of course content and instructional strategies.  To make the project work industry relevant; it is constantly reviewed.  Also, to ensure better learning effectiveness, 4C's program is now more intense than ever.  Participants cannot neglect submission of assignments and project work or delay taking their tests.  Minimum score of over 70% is mandatory in English Grammar and Instructional Design Certification Test.  Not just that, to obtain 4C's Instructional Design Certification, participants have to submit a completed storyboard and create an eLearning course using multimedia authoring software with voice, synchronized animation, and relevant interactivity. 

To be awarded 4C's Instructional Design Certification, participants must fulfill these stringent requirements.  All these improvements in the course design have significantly improved job offers to the participants seeking instructional design jobs.  

For those who cannot complete the certification requirements in the first go, 4C welcomes such clients to come back for a refresher course at no extra cost and seek help with their project work and other submissions.  

Few foreign students sponsored by their employer (a large overseas eLearning company) flew to Bangalore and attended the Instructional Design Certification program at 4C-Learning Solutions. Such overseas training customers can now obtain a single point solution that includes accommodation from 4C.  For 4C, participants from China, Thailand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria are likely to increase. 

For those who would like to strengthen their English skills; 4C is now integrating a full-fledged English writing course to its current Instructional Design program.

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